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The aim of this policy is to provide the rationale and architecture for all QA guidelines issued by QQI. All QA guidelines issued by QQI will have regard to this policy. This policy was originally published in December 2014 and was revised in April 2016 following consultation.

In summary, the policy explains:

  • What we mean by 'Quality Assurance'
  • What QA guidelines are and how they should be used
  • The overarching principles which will apply to all QA guidelines
  • The rationale for developing a suite of guidelines for different sectors and topics

The policy also lists principles to assist providers in developing the internal QA procedures. These principles should underpin providers' approaches to developing their internal QA systems for education and training, research and related services.

QQI has developed Core QA Guidelines for use by all providers of higher and further education and training and English language providers.

The core QA guidelines capture in one place those elements which are fundamental and common to all providers.

All providers will have regard to these guidelines when developing their internal quality assurance procedures.  The guidelines do not however prescribe the manner in which providers must implement those procedures.

We have developed our QA guidelines in a modular fashion.  The Core QA Guidelines apply to every provider and are supplemented by an ever increasing range of Topic- and Sector-Specific guidelines.

We have developed a series of QA guidelines which are specific to certain sectors.

These guidelines are to be used as a supplement to the core QA Guidelines.

They add to the core QA guidelines by addressing specific responsibilities of the sector or institutions they refer to.

The sector-specific guidelines published so far include:

In addition to the Core and Sector-Specific QA Guidelines, providers may also need to refer to Topic-Specific QA Guidelines.

These guidelines apply to a particular topic or type of provision, such as apprenticeships or research degrees.  This includes topics that are optional for providers depending upon the range and type of their provision.

The topic-specific guidelines published so far include:

A number of further Topic-Specific QA Guidelines are currently in development and will be published shortly.